Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Story of Jimmy Dean

One cold November evening my youngest son & I came home from a scouting event when a little black flash zipped between us and towards are front door. My son was busy yapping & he didn't even notice what had happened. We followed the meowing to find the sweetest little black & white ball of fluff. We had to feed him of course. And we played with him outside in the cold until daddy got home. Even he couldn't resist the homeless fur ball, so we invited him in. We already have an indoor cat, Travis, who is now 18 years old. Poor old Trav's life took a turn after that night.

It seems this adorable little fluff has another side. Once he had a warm meal in his tummy and a good nights sleep, his tough guy attitude started to shine through. The nameless kitten started to make himself right at home. It was like he belonged here from day one & he knew it. We struggled to come up with a good name for him for at least three weeks. It soon became clear to us that he didn't like being called cute, he wanted to be tough.

He showed our basset hound Wags who was boss right away. Poor old Travis, being blind & deaf, never even knew what hit him. Travis has always been such a lover, and in his younger days, he sent the tone for the other cats in our home. Now that he was the only one left and used to sleeping uninterrupted for 22 hours our of the day, he had no interest in sharing his space with an over grown kitten.

After much debate, this rebel cat was given the name Jimmy Dean. Tough like James Dean with the cute fluffy part being the "e" in Jimmy. His nick names include: Mr. Dean, Jimmy, JD, Demon cat and "that horrible creature." Now don't get me wrong, we love this guy. He's a lot of fun. But he is awful at the same time. He's been with us for over a year now.

Jimmy Dean spends his days attacking Travis just to listen to him howl. He plays with Wags and they take turns chasing each other through the house, which I find humiliating for a hound dog! He loves to play in water. He likes to spill it and then stand in it while he drinks. He will jump in the shower with, given the chance. He likes to attack & chew on any number of household items. At night he like to drag my wool through the house. And I don't mean the little strips waiting to be hooked, he like the larger pieces waiting to be cut.

On night my little mohair mouse from Debbie Miller went missing and it took me over a month to find him huddled up under the fridge in the way back hiding from "that horrible creature!" I will be posting his pictures from time to time. He's always up to something. Today I am posting him in the sink, awaiting his spa treatment. Playing the drums from Rock Band, on Christmas Day. Oh, and don't even get me started on the havoc he reeked on the Christmas tree and decorations!


Kaye said...

James Dean is a cutie, looks like my daughters cat Wizard (he used to whiz on everything and was a stray)funny how they get their names. Those darn cats are so loveable when they want to be you can't not keep them.
He sure looks right at home in the sink.

Hooked on Primitives said...

How adorable!!! He sounds like what my grandma used to call a "Cracker Jack" LOL!! Thanks for sharing his antics!!! SMiles! Cathy

Julie said...

Thanks for your comments Kaye & Cathy. He is definately a Cracker Jack! Jimmy Dean did almost lose his happy new home when he whizzed one night after we had him for a couple monthes. My husband and I could smell it in the living room, but we couldn't find it...until the smell followed me out. My robe was all wet & stinky, he had sprayed perfectly down the crack between the cushions on the couch, front to back. I sat right in it. It was back in the shower for me and snip-snip for him. Luckly I got the smell completely out with the help of a Spotbot & Zorbex. He never whizzed again.

miss mary said...

awww what a cutie pie he is. I love cats and he's adorable.i've enjoyed all the pics of him. have a wonderful blessed week.