Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kinderhook Flower Basket

As promised, I am finally getting my pictures posted of the rug I did at Thw Woolley Fox. It was a great time as usual! This is a pattern taken from an antique rug that Barb owns. It is a remarkable old rug. I was very excited & packed plenty of wool, but as expected, the rug's color story has us digging through Barb's wool stash as well. I just love building rugs with her. I learn something new every time. After three days, my rug was nearly finished. After we returned I travelled with Larry to vend in Saline, MI. This gave me an entire evening alone uninterrupted in a hotel room to finish it. I love the way it came out. After I returned home, I was still on a roll & hooked up this little Edyth O'Neill pattern "Cricket Whale". This pattern is also available from Barb. I will be posting pictures of class later. Don't forget that this is hook-in Saturday at Aults. See you there!