Monday, March 30, 2009

My New Van

Well this is what has been keeping me so busy lately. Don't you just hate car shopping. We have looked at so many different things. And can I just say, I didn't run into any unbelievable deals. After we decided to admit we are mini van people, the process became a little easier. We settled on this '07 Grand Caravan SXT. This thing is loaded! I have never had so many bells & whistles on a vehicle before. I'm including a picture. I hope to be driving it for a few years to come.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Let's Talk Wool

First I would just like to thank everyone that posted comments or emailed me regarding my rug. It is so great to have encouragement to help get you through a large project. I have already begun my next is a small mat that I will have for sale at the In the Spirit of Friends Show in September. I still have not chosen a rug to do next month at rug camp. Oh decisions!

Now a little in site into the colors I chose for my last rug. For me, the goal is to create a new rug that looks like it has been around for a hundred years or more. I mostly like to use soft colors, because to me it looks as though they are colors that have faded. For this rug I started with the house. I wanted it to look like a New England shingle sided home by the shore. I used a piece of over dye that I have had for some time & I have used it in three different rugs. I just love it, but I used every last scrap I could find, including my noodle bag to find enough to finish it. Therefor, I couldn't include it in the pictures. It was a really drabby blue/gray plaid. From there I picked the roof, windows, door, trim & chimney. I decided to go with a lights on look which came from my scraps and a white & grey tiny check for the trim. I don't really know how to explain the roof, but I didn't have any left for the photo. It was an interesting small plaid with lots of colors running through it. I guess I was thinking it would look like old metal. Now the chimney I just love. It is the black wool in the picture. It got it from Barbara Carroll, but she has since sold out. It gives a great old rock look. I have some more I am saving for a sheep some day. The trees were completely done from scraps...can you tell I have a problem judging how much wool to cut! I always make sure they are used sooner or later though. Now for the background...I couldn't use blue because the house is blue. I didn't want dark, because I have a few night rugs, and I wanted something different. I looked at some beige and even mustards, but I decided on this creamy-grey plaid. I travel to New England, and if there is one thing I have seen alot of up there, its fog. So that is where I went with this choice. ( Seems like every time you make a trip to see something you run into the stuff...not great for sightseeing!) Next it was on the the border. I went with a pair dark navy wools. One was a gold stripe & the other was a the other was a two toned dark plaid. I used a rust plaid for the vines, a green one for the leaves, & a red one for the berries. I am very pleased with the way it all came together.

I am also showing you a picture of our baby girl, Wags, the basset hound. She & I are the only two females around this place. She will be cropping up here in my blog from time to time. She is such a great dog. She loves to run & play with the boys and she is a major lap dog.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ding Dong the Rug is Done!

Okay folks, it's finally done! I actually finished it Friday night, but yesterday and today have been filled with yard work, window washing & vehicle shopping. I still haven't decided on my next ride yet, but the search is narrowing down. I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to have completed this rug. My winter project is over & so is winter. I am so over them both. Now I can just enjoy the spring as my favorite season, summer, approuches. And soon one of my favorite rugs will be hanging in my favorite room of the house. I will be binding it and having it pressed first, but I will post a before & after picture of it's new home. So for today enjoy a few quick pictures, and tomorrow I will post the wools I used in their uncut form. Thanks for looking!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring

We have had some beautiful sunny days here this week. It is so nice to feel like winter will soon be behind us. Even Wags, our basset hound, is feeling renewed. She is 3 now & I thought maybe she was turning in the the lazy stereotype that follows her breed, but I was wrong. The Dog that curled up & slept all winter long in the house, can't get enough of being outside now. She is out there playing and exploring all day long. When she sleeps now...lets just say she's not much of a guard dog.

I am still finishing up on my rug, and my thoughts are turning to The Woolley Fox mini camp in April. I am not sure what rug I will work on, but I will you posted. I am including a picture of the rug I hooked last year. This rug was color planned by Barbara Carroll, & it is wonderful. I picked a lot of the wool myself, but the way she used it is what makes this rug so neat! This pattern is a Edyth O'Neill called Ipswitch. So this weekend, while my mind is drifting away to rug camp, my body will be washing windows, raking off the flower beds, doing some spring cleaning (and I do mean some), and finishing my rug (I hope!)

Friday, March 13, 2009

We Surround Them

This is just a quick post to remind everyone to watch Glenn Beck's show tonight on Fox News at 5:00. It's not about politics. It's about America and our heritage. If your feeling like your alone or in the minority of American's that are worried about the morality of this country, tune in to see just how many of us there are. We are not alone...we surround them!

I am including a picture of a simpler time. When American's were proud and they knew the price of what they had. Freedom was is still, but we don't acknowledge it. I pray it will still be around for our children. I am trying to do my part to make sure it will be. For the guys in the next pictures...they deserve it.

My dad and my boys.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Grungy Candles For Sale

I am offering some of my new grungy candles for sale here on my blog. They run on two AA batteries. The three LCD bulbs have a great burning candle effect without any worries (just incase you have any cats like mine around!) They are approx. 6 in. tall with a cost of $16.00 plus shipping. I except paypal & MO. Please email me for more info. Did I mention they smell wonderful?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Rounding Third and Headed for Home

Wow! I can't believe that I didn't post last week...I'm not even sure what my excuse is. I did work more. I also went to a scrap night and a hook-in, which makes me feel like a very lucky girl! I finished 8 pages and I am almost in 2008. I really got behind last year because I was working on some special projects like a cub scout album for my son & my 1st digital album. It was a family recipe book full of generational pictures and recipes from my grandmother's side of the family. I gave it to four different family members for Christmas. It was well received. I really enjoyed the digital scrapping & plan on using it again. It is so easy to work on when we're camping, because it's all on my laptop (roughing it...what's that?) Also I am a Creative Memories consultant, and their programs make it sooooo easy.
My rug is coming along well. I am still bored to tears finishing, so going to the hook in helped. Don't get me wrong, I love this rug. It's just my ADD kicking in. I want it to be on the wall. Now. I finished the last corner, thus the title of this post. Just another 45 inches or so and the I'll be done. I hooked at Ault's again this Saturday. It was alot of fun to visit with others and see what they were working on.
And now another chapter in the saga of Jimmy Dean. Friday the cable man came to fix my DVR box which had been down since Tuesday AM. Jimmy decided he would have to check this guy out and show him who was the boss around here. He started off nice. Then I warned the cable guy, who was super nice and explaining that he has a cat similar to ours, that he may bite when he has had enough. We never know exactly how much is enough with him, but he always makes sure we get it! With that the cable guy went back to work. He had to get behind the TV, which is in a big cabinet that is on its last legs, so I carefully pulled it out. With this Jimmy realizes he hasn't been behind there in awhile, so he seizes the opportunity dart back there and sharpen the claws he no longer has on the back of the cabinet. Scaring the cable guy half to death. He then started leaping towards the top of the cabinet coming up short and crashing a couple of times. Again, the cable guy seems concerned. I told him not to worry, that's just Jimmy Dean...he's nuts. The cable guy was able to fix the problem, & I didn't loose my recordings. Yeah! He laid a piece of cable on the floor & we were talking when Jimmy came out from behind the tv and attracted it. He started gnawing on the metal end and we both just shook our heads.

In sadder news, I came home from church to find my favorite piece of redware smashed on the floor. Compliments of you know who. I had redo my mantel for spring, and I moved it there full of wool eggs. What was I thinking? Don't call PETA...I let him live. I will try to glue it back together, but it will never be the same. Anyway I have included some pictures of the crime.