Thursday, January 28, 2010

At the truck stop.

Okay, so it's really our upstairs bathroom. I call it that because it is where my two boys & two cats make their pitstops. Right now the upstairs in our house is pretty much kid domain. That is also where our nineteen-year-old, blind & deaf cat spends the majority of his time sleeping. So I am only up there to wake up, tuck in, clean & sometimes play. Because of this those boys can really make a mess out of that bathroom. I don't understand what on earth makes it so hard to fit the target after all these years of practice, but it seems to be mission impossible.

I do have some great primitve decor up there though, so I thought I would share. Oh yeah, & one more thing about this bathroom before you look at the pictures, this bathroom was remodeled before we moved in 6 years ago. So day it will have to have a redo, but because everything is new & in working order, it is stay as is for now. It is quite small, so I didn't really get too many of the fixtures in the shots. I did paint it, but beyond that nothing was chosen by me (the lighting especially.)

The rug is a Warren Kimble pattern available through The Woolley Fox. I have altered it to look like our beloved basset hound. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

In My Room

These are a few pictures of our bedroom which is inspired by our love of the New England shore. This isn't exactly a primitive color pallet, but this blue gray really makes me think of the warm summer days we spent in New Hampshire last summer. I used a Venetian plaster technique on the walls. The rug over the bed is my project for The Wooley Fox last April. My blogging fell to the wayside after I got this finished & I never did get it posted. I had this large rug done in about 6 weeks. Mainly because I wanted to get it finished before Barb's words of wisdom disappeared from my memory. I love this rug & it was a real challenge for me. Right now I am trying to decide what to take this year. Also on the dresser is awesome shelf I bought there on one of our trips along with some old boats, floats, & our collection of sea glass.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Post!

Today I am starting my new habit of blogging again. Hopefully it will have to stick because I will have to keep the new Black Cat Primitives, Gathered Treasures blog updated as well. That's right, another show to promote. This one will be hosted by Black Cat Primitives & it will be taking the place of our spring open house. Stay tuned for more info. In the mean time...Please enjoy some random pics of my primitive home & the two rugs I was working on for the blog, completed & hung in their new homes.