Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a Winner!

Not only was last week so wonderful because I got to go to rug hooking camp at the woolley fox, but also while I was gone, I was a winner of a beautiful old looking doll from ! Thanks Tammy! I love her! I have included a picture of her and the rug I have been working on for a week now called the Oliver Cromwell, by Edyth O'Neill. It is a whopping 37x48, and has a complicated border. I don't know that I could have done this rug justice on my own. Barbar Carroll color planned this rug for me using a stash of wools that I have been squirrelling away for quite sometime now especially for this rug. I have completed everything she had planned on the border, and the rest is up to me to follow her lead. Yikes! At least if I get in trouble, she said she would help me through email. I will keep you posted. This rug is a keeper for me. Once I finish with this, I have to work on things for September only! I did take some pictures of my class, I will post them soon. Thamks for looking, it's great to be back!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's 2:00 AM, can't sleep...ARRGH!

Okay... I don't know if it's the excitement of my trip, the cheeseburger a scarfed down way to late, or the fact that I really need to sleep because I'm the driver tomorrow, but here I am. I took my good old trusty friend Alkaseltzer (spelling doesn't count at this hour, just so you know) and I thought I would sit up & try to make my eyes tired for a little while. Like any other generation Xer whose already packed her Nintendo DS Lite for the trip so she can play quietly in bed without disturbing others (I'm so considerate that way, which is why I will also be wearing my Breath Rite strips...pathetic) I thought I would play a little of my son's Webkinz while I wait for it to kick in. But, I got booted off. Now either their are alot of kid's up late in California, or they do site maintenance late at night when the "kids" shouldn't be on the Internet anyway. Either way, here I sit. So, since there's no one up to talk too...I decided to ramble on here for a bit. Have a great week, I can't wait to post my new rug at the end of the week! Wish me a few zzz's!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm off to The Woolley Fox!

Way to busy picking wool, packing, cleaning, & cooking to post this week. But I am putting up this quick note to let you all know that I will be back. I am starting another big rug. I don't know why I do that to myself. It is The Oliver Cromwell, by Edyth O'Neill. I can't remember the size right now, & I don't even have time to look, but I will post all the details when I get back. So for now, wish me luck! Here is a picture of Barb & Wayne Carroll at The Woolley Fox.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

He is Risen. He is Risen indeed.

Happy Easter to all. I hope you enjoy a day of thanks giving with your friends & family on this wonderful day our Lord has made!

Friday, April 10, 2009

My Primitive Kitchen

This is going to be the most pictures I have ever posted at once, so don't forget to blink. I don't want your eyes to dry out from staring at the screen too long! First up is a fresh batch of crocks I made up for sale in the shop...the turned very good and prim I think.

Next some of my crocks over my cupboards.

And as my island, I am using this old herb cupboard. The box with drawers is where my silverware is kept. My kitchen is small . Even thought I have room for a small table, cupboard space is limited at best. This herb cupboard is stuffed full of appliances & serving dishes.

Above the island is the great light that came with this place. The ceiling was also made like this before I moved here. It was made from the chicken coop that used to be on the property I'm told. The floor in the kitchen is original too. Complete with burn holes from the hot coals falling out of the stove! The cupboards & counter tops are not my first choice, but I live with it because someday I have a major redo in mind someday.

This is my make-do curtain over the door. I was really an old linen silverware holder.

Across the kitchen is my pantry cupboard. This where the canned goods live.

So that's the tour. If you haven't seen my older posts, there are a few other kitchen shots there as well. I'm exhausted from all this posting, so have a good night all. And thank you Lord for all your gifts, but on this day, especially your son.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful

I can't believe this is spring break & so far I think we've had more snow than we did over Christmas break. So I am quoting the title of a Jimmy Buffett song. The song is about him writing a postcard home after enjoying a few to many adult beverages on vacation.

Anyway, I have been busy hooking up some stuff for the In the Spirit of Friends Show. I went to Ault's hook-in on Saturday after staying out late at a scrap night the night before. It was 2 hours of creativity for me! But with camping season coming, I will be missing out on some of these things soon enough. Better cram them in while I have the chance! The first picture is of a small mat by Edyth O'neill called Quilter's Basket. This is a fun little pattern that is available thought The Woolley Fox. I went for the old soft look again for this rug. The next picture is another one of my kitchen. I am going to feature my kitchen the rest of the week here on my blog. That's right! I am going to actually post more than once this week! Funny how the time slips past between postings. Thanks to all of you that bare with me! The rug pictured is Tennessee Hearts, also available from the Woolley Fox. I love this rug...and it has special meaning to me because my husband & I lived there for a year early in our relationship. The close up is a picture of Jimmy Dean's opinion of this rug. Now mind you, I hang most of my rugs to avoid such problems as this, but he managed to how use his back claws to jump & snag this one anyway. It's not a big deal, I can hook it back through. That cat is something else! This large rug is available for purchase, please email me for details. Thanks!