Monday, May 17, 2010

What I've been working on.

Kaleidoscope 48x55. This one is a whopper! I will be working on this one for a good long time.

Cricket Ship is just a tiny little rug, but it gave me big trouble getting the colors to all show up!
Hannah's Star was a fun little rug that I used up some of my flower basket scraps up on. All three of these pattern are available at the Woolley Fox.

This is such a busy time of year. I am focusing my attention on the Spirit of Friends Show and work like crazy in the schools. The boys have all kinds of activities, & we have lots of showers & weddings to attend. This weekend we went camping & I did squeeze in a little hooking. I have started my biggest rug yet, & although I know what colors I want to use, I keep changing my mind as to where they belong in this rug. I labeled some of them on the pattern, but I have already thrown that out the window & haven't bothered to relabel. I guess I have to wait to see where the rug tells me they go. I also hooked up a couple of smaller rugs to share. Stay tuned for more progress.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Camp Pictures

As usual...I never take enough pictures! I didn't even come close this time. I guess I am just to aggressive of a hooker when I get the chance to be uninterrupted! I didn't even get our whole group or their rugs. Please visit my friend Alice's blog, She did a much better job of taking photos of everything...but herself! In this first pic is Barb's new kitty Posie. She was big big hit & big fun too for such a little fur ball.
We had to search Peggy's bags before we left just to make sure Posie didn't accidentally get wrapped up in her pattern & wool stash.

When she wasn't playing with the kitty, Peggy did make some great progress on her huge rug. I think one night Barb actually trapped the little darling upstairs so Peggy would do her homework & not play too much! This is Heidi hiding behind yet another huge rug. Don't you just love all Barb's wool?

Sorry about this one Gloria, but I had to include you. You look a little puzzled here. Love the vest!

And this is Carol all packed up & ready to head home...If you think she looks like she was pouting, we all were.

Thanks for stopping by. I have two more little rugs done to show soon & my biggest rug yet is about to be my next work in progress posted here.