Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kingwood Center Rug Show

I had a wonderful time at the Kingwood Center Hook-in! This was my first time there even though I actually know a lot of the people there including those who run it & help out. My friend Shelia comment that I have really got a lot done on this rug since I posted yet. Oops! Too much hooking & not enough posting is how it has been going. But I can tell you that being home for the summer with the boys in a house with no AC is bringing a screeching halt to that. We have also set our camper permanently in Loudonville for the rest of the summer,& I know that will be relaxing there with no wifi. Maybe I can post here & hook there! I changed some of my color planning as this rug unfolded & I was prepared for that. I was asked several times if Barb planned this for me & I proudly answered that I did it alone. I think this means I'm learning something at class! One lady asked about one of my smaller stars if Barb "made" me put that in there. I take that as a huge compliment! Although, I kind of got the feeling she didn't understand what I was trying to achieve. I had to laugh when another hooker asked me if my hooking is what they call dirty primitive. I told her it very well could be! I've been called fast & loose, but never dirty...I think it fits! This is a view of the room from my seat.
My mom Gloria (adopted that is) selling her wares.
And a few random shots of the rug show. I didn't bring anything to show. I really didn't know I should have, but I guess it was obvious. (Blond moment!)

Thank you Katie for putting together such a great day of hooking!