Friday, April 10, 2009

My Primitive Kitchen

This is going to be the most pictures I have ever posted at once, so don't forget to blink. I don't want your eyes to dry out from staring at the screen too long! First up is a fresh batch of crocks I made up for sale in the shop...the turned very good and prim I think.

Next some of my crocks over my cupboards.

And as my island, I am using this old herb cupboard. The box with drawers is where my silverware is kept. My kitchen is small . Even thought I have room for a small table, cupboard space is limited at best. This herb cupboard is stuffed full of appliances & serving dishes.

Above the island is the great light that came with this place. The ceiling was also made like this before I moved here. It was made from the chicken coop that used to be on the property I'm told. The floor in the kitchen is original too. Complete with burn holes from the hot coals falling out of the stove! The cupboards & counter tops are not my first choice, but I live with it because someday I have a major redo in mind someday.

This is my make-do curtain over the door. I was really an old linen silverware holder.

Across the kitchen is my pantry cupboard. This where the canned goods live.

So that's the tour. If you haven't seen my older posts, there are a few other kitchen shots there as well. I'm exhausted from all this posting, so have a good night all. And thank you Lord for all your gifts, but on this day, especially your son.


Debbie Miller of Onion Patch said...

Love your kitchen Julz!! It was so nice seeing you gals also!! Wish we lived closer - then again - maybe not- you'd learn how I really act in public LOL

Have a nice Easter!

In The Spirit Of Friends said...

WoW!! That is quite a tour!!! Love the island and especially the silverware curtain!!!


Crystal said...

Beautiful! I love that silver looking bucket with the label. I may make one of those. :)