Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Weather is Here, I Wish You Were Beautiful

I can't believe this is spring break & so far I think we've had more snow than we did over Christmas break. So I am quoting the title of a Jimmy Buffett song. The song is about him writing a postcard home after enjoying a few to many adult beverages on vacation.

Anyway, I have been busy hooking up some stuff for the In the Spirit of Friends Show. I went to Ault's hook-in on Saturday after staying out late at a scrap night the night before. It was 2 hours of creativity for me! But with camping season coming, I will be missing out on some of these things soon enough. Better cram them in while I have the chance! The first picture is of a small mat by Edyth O'neill called Quilter's Basket. This is a fun little pattern that is available thought The Woolley Fox. I went for the old soft look again for this rug. The next picture is another one of my kitchen. I am going to feature my kitchen the rest of the week here on my blog. That's right! I am going to actually post more than once this week! Funny how the time slips past between postings. Thanks to all of you that bare with me! The rug pictured is Tennessee Hearts, also available from the Woolley Fox. I love this rug...and it has special meaning to me because my husband & I lived there for a year early in our relationship. The close up is a picture of Jimmy Dean's opinion of this rug. Now mind you, I hang most of my rugs to avoid such problems as this, but he managed to how use his back claws to jump & snag this one anyway. It's not a big deal, I can hook it back through. That cat is something else! This large rug is available for purchase, please email me for details. Thanks!

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In The Spirit Of Friends said...

Julie, you won my blog give away!!!

Come and claim your superize!!!