Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring

We have had some beautiful sunny days here this week. It is so nice to feel like winter will soon be behind us. Even Wags, our basset hound, is feeling renewed. She is 3 now & I thought maybe she was turning in the the lazy stereotype that follows her breed, but I was wrong. The Dog that curled up & slept all winter long in the house, can't get enough of being outside now. She is out there playing and exploring all day long. When she sleeps now...lets just say she's not much of a guard dog.

I am still finishing up on my rug, and my thoughts are turning to The Woolley Fox mini camp in April. I am not sure what rug I will work on, but I will you posted. I am including a picture of the rug I hooked last year. This rug was color planned by Barbara Carroll, & it is wonderful. I picked a lot of the wool myself, but the way she used it is what makes this rug so neat! This pattern is a Edyth O'Neill called Ipswitch. So this weekend, while my mind is drifting away to rug camp, my body will be washing windows, raking off the flower beds, doing some spring cleaning (and I do mean some), and finishing my rug (I hope!)


katie said...

that is a great rug, love your color choices.

primitive woolen

In The Spirit Of Friends said...

Love this rug!!!

Wanna trade?


Julie said...

Thanks Ladies! Sorry Tammy, this one has sentimental value. As much as I love trading with you, this one is off the table!