Saturday, February 14, 2009

Run for the Border

What a week! We had a huge wind storm here and lost a big cedar tree in out front yard and my poor old outhouse blew right over. It was suggested to me by mother nature to take down my outdoor winter decor, after she blew half of it all over my yard. Tomorrow I will find out the fate of my outhouse when we try to tip it back over. It was given to me by my dear friend, and I have only had it a few monthes. It has to be 100 years old and I love that thing! I feel confident it can be repaired.

I did start the border of my rug last weekend. I have worked on it some this week as well. Since I didn't post until now, I am going to try to post more than only once this week. I also want to get my taxes done, so we'll see.

I am also including some more pictures of my home. Happy Vane tines Day and enjoy!