Monday, May 25, 2009

Thank you verterans! Happy Memorial Day.

I do hope to be a better blogger this week. I do have so much to share. But today, I am just taking a pause to post the image I rec'd in a rescent email. This picture really stirs a lot of feelings for me. I'm not sure which I think is sadder...idiots sitting, or the hero in the wheelchair. Anyway, I can't go there today. I will tell you though, if I had been there, that man wouldn't have been standing alone. And I would have made it a point to tell my children in my loud kid friendly teacher at the front of a crowded room voice....."Let's stand boys, you are always supposed to stand with your hat off and your right hand on your heart when the flag passes. It shows your respect."


Holly Hills Primitives said...

You're right, this picture stirs a lot of emotions. It's amazing how people don't teach their children the basic "manners" as we know them. Dawn

"The Othermother" said...

hi..we have the same picture...sad the only one standing is the guy in the wheelchair..huh? love your blog...I do prims stuff.