Saturday, February 27, 2010

Magdalena your way at Ault's.

As usual, Barb brought loads of wonderful wool. In this picture she is explain how this class is going to work. On the table is a selection of background wools to choose from. This was the starting place for the color planning. Also picture here is Roxanne.
These are my dear friends Peggy & Tammy. I enjoy hooking with both of them. At this point the class is cutting their templates. I am envisioning them saying, "you want us to what?"
This is what my linen looked like after I filled in my animals. I have never done a rug with my cats Jimmy Dean & Travis, so I thought this would be a nice opportunity to get that done. Remember, every ones rugs will be different from the very beginning. Barb even encouraged some of the students to write over some of the existing animals with a red sharpie if they didn't want a chicken or a donkey. I chose not to do that. Tomorrow's pictures with contain some more of the hookers & their rugs in the hooking stages. I am about half way through mine. I plan to put an hour or two in tonight.


Maria said...

Can't wait to see your finished rug Julie! Hook quickly! How is Tammy's coming along? Thanks for all the help and support during the workshop. Maria

Bobbie said...

Hey Julie!! I love the pictures on your blog!! I am hoping to come to Ault's and hook this's' only a little over two hours drive for me and well worth it! I wish Gloria had more retreats..I really enjoyed this class...Thank you for all of your help..

I did receive the contract this week, it will be in the mail shortly! Thanks again!

Sheila said...

thanks for sharing the photos,wish I could have been there.

Julie said...

Oh Bobbie you should come. We have a lot of fun. Maria, I'll have to check on Tammy & let you know. I will post hers completed as well. I will try to stay on tack with mine! Sheila, I'm glad you like the pictures. It was a great class.